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We are a social nonprofit organization, with christian values and inspired by Lasallist principles. Our main objective is to care for infants, children and youths who have been subjected to violation of their rights. We provide them with a family environment, with love, where their basic needs are met.

Our work is guided by the answers to the questions “if my child had to live in this home, how should he be taken care of? what should he have?

We have two houses, one for 24 children from 0 to 5 years old and the other for 8 kids ages 7 and older.


We want to restore a child’s right to live in a family, providing them with their basic needs, so they may become builders of a better society.


The organization is supervised by a board of 9 directors. Two of them are designated by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (La Salle Brothers) and one represents Fundación Lily Iñiguez – Los Nidos.

The board must generate, approve and supervise the general policies that guide the work in benefit of the children. These policies are carried out by the Executive Director and the group of professionals in the organization.

Board of Directors

María Antonieta Lazarraga Muñoz
Rolando Díaz González
Gabriel Montes Arrau
Gonzalo Riveros San Martín
María Lidia Ariztía Reyes
Hno. Nicolás Herrera
Hno. Jaime Ruiz
Marco Antonio Tapia Ibarra
María Paz Illanes Sotta
Executive Director:
Jorge Daveggio Farías

RUT 71.436.400-6
PERSONALIDAD JURÍDICA DS Nº 948 del 25/09/1987 (ver)
SENAME Certification(ver)

House for Infants and Preeschoolers

Our house can accomodate 24 children from 0 to 6 years old, who have been subjected to violation of their rights. Our objective is to reinsert them in a family, be it the biological family or an adoptive family. During their stay at the home we try to meet their physical as well as their emotional needs.

To do this we have a team of 18 dedicated collaborators, who with love and professionalism are in charge of the many different tasks involved in providing integral care for our children. We also have a group of volunteers and students who also cooperate in taking care of the children.

House for Children and Youths

The house is set up to receive 8 children, 7 years and older, who for different reasons cannot return to their biological family or be adopted. We aim to provide a stable family environment, with Christian values, so they may develop normally, study and achieve their potential in life. There’s no age limit, each youth leaves when they are capable of independent living.

The care of this group of children and youths in in charge of a team of 3 persons, who provide not only basic needs but also fulfill a parental role, being there to support, provide contention and guidance towards the goal of achieving independent living.

Our Achievements

In 2014, we celebrated our 30th birthday. During this time we have cared for more than 1.800 children. Our main goal is to have returned these children to a family, biological, adoptive or our house, under our care. Many of them are now adults, professionals, and have formed families of their own.They have been able to break the vicious circle of negligence and mistreatment that affected them. That is our most important achievement.

During 2015 we received 22 children in our House for Infants and Preschoolers. At the same time, we were very happy to see 13 children returned to their biological families and 11 children received by adoptive parents. In our House for Children and Youths one youngster returned to his biological family and a teenager went to live with a foster family. We started 2016 with 19 infants and preschoolers and 5 teenagers. We cannot forget the more than 80 requests we had to turn down because of lack of space.

During 2015 we implemented a number of initiatives and activities to benefit the children, families and personnel in our Foundation. Parental skills reinforcement workshops for relatives, massage sessions for our caregivers, an alliance with Fundación Integra to support the work with our infants, psychological evaluations for our workers and the alliances with several universities to receive interns in specialties: physical and speech therapy, nutrition, and nursing technicians.

In 2015 we were regularly supervised visits by Family Court Judges, and we are proud to have received very satisfactory evaluations in each visit.

Finally, by opening our house to visitors, presenting our Foundation in school communities, businesses and fund raising activities we have been able to motivate many friends who are generously contributing to finance our work.



To care for our children as they deserve we have a monthly budget of $31.000 USD per month during 2016, which is financed with contributions from people in Chile and other countries, donations of some companies, and Lily Iñiguez - Los Nidos Foundation. We also have our Raffle and Bingo, as fundraising activities.

These are the ways you can make a financial donation:

- Monthly donation with an automatic banking account (PAC) or credit card charge (PAT). Download, complete the form and contact us at contacto@hogaresperanza.cl

- Electronic transfer to our banking account in Chilean pesos:
RUT 71.436.400-6
BANCO BICE cuenta corriente 01-30782-7
mail: cuentas@hogaresperanza.cl

- Electronic transfer to our EURO or US Dollar accounts.

- Direct charge to CREDIT CARD

If you can help us with groceries, clothing, or other elements we need for the children please download the list of needs, where you will find exactly what is currently needed.

We can receive your donations Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Download List of Needs

Hacerse Socio

Para contribuir con una cuota mensual debes elegir el modo de pago y descargar el mandato correspondiente. Se imprime, lo llenas con tus datos y nos avisas para retirarlo y activarlo.

Mandato para Tarjeta de Crédito (PAT)
Mandato para Cuenta Corriente (PAC)
Contacto para información y activación de mandatos: Maria Antonieta Lazarraga

They are a very important part of our team. If you are looking for a meaningful way of giving a little bit of your time come to our house for an interview. We will tell you about the work and responsibilities, and also the many ways you can help.

CONTACT: Julia Fuentes

An In Memoriam Donation is a meaningful way of sending your condolences and remembering someone who passed away. We send a card indicating we have received a donation on behalf of the deceased. The donation can be sent by transfer, deposit or credit card charge (WEBPAY). To request the In Memoriam Donation Card please send us an EMAIL with the following information. Thanks!


Interested in working in our Foundation? Send us an email to contacto@hogaresperanza.cl with your resume, so we can consider you working with our staff.



GENERAL INFORMATION: contacto@hogaresperanza.cl